only lonely

I’ve spent the last two years feeling disconnected. In the face of my grief, my friends have abandoned me, no longer knowing what to say. My family has shown uncomfortable indifference. I’m tilting at windmills, foolhardy in my compulsion to keep trying for a precious rainbow baby. I know it’s hard for them to witness my desperation, but all I want is just one friend and confidant…

Loneliness plagues me. I spend days in solitude, praying for a meaningful connection, whether it be online or IRL. I think if I met up with someone that could show empathy, I’d bawl my eyes out like a baby. To make the briefest eye contact with someone else who had experienced a termination for medical reasons — I’d completely lose my shit.

If I had a healthy baby would the world take me back? What if I don’t?


4 thoughts on “only lonely

  1. Don’t feel alone my dear. We are all going thru something that we wish we don’t have too. I know things can get hard sometimes but we need to look at the positive side. I don’t know you personally but you can always reach out to me and talk about things. Sometimes family don’t really see or feel what you are going thru just to have a baby or whatever the situation may because they didn’t have to go thru that. Take care my friend and hold your head high 😊😊

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