my version of pushing 40


11 thoughts on “my version of pushing 40

      1. Yeah I definitely understand that having pretty much non-existent eggs even with drugs that tried to stimulate production. When I had eye surgery last month it was the first time I’ve been in the hospital and then referred to, at 43, “our younger patient” by the doctors.


      2. Thanks! yeah the weird thing is if I put my contact in my bum eye, it now make me farsighted (but i’m nearsighted with my coke-bottle thick glasses on, cool huh). can’t wait to see what the doc says about that.


      3. Weird! I’m severely nearsighted as well and have coke bottle glasses too…no peripheral vision in those bad boys! My last trip to an ophthalmologist revealed astigmatism, so my contacts finally help…i was on the verge of losing my drivers license. Was the detached retina related to contact lens use?


      4. Nope it’s not related to contacts but actually severe nearsightedness… So if you ever start developing floaters in your eyes (little black specks), disregard what the internet says and get into your eye doctor asap. I’ve been severely nearsighted with astigmatism since I was 9 years old and have worn contacts and glasses since I was 12. After I have my next check up with the surgeon in a week and a half I’ll find out if I can finally go get a vision exam from my optometrist so that I can hopefully start seeing better again soon (either way my right eye is still cloudy and my peripheral sucks in it…fun stuff eh!).


      5. Oh, no! Yeah, at the eye doctor I had my lenses out and he projected the giant letter on the wall and was like,” I know this seems like a dumb question, but can you see the big letter on the wall?” I said, “sure! where’s the wall?” I’ll keep the floaters in mind now!


      6. Ha! That’s awesome. Yeah I guess if you go in to the doctor when you first start seeing floaters it’s a much easier fix then by the time I went in five days later with giant splotches in my right vision.

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