birth defects

When I was twelve weeks pregnant with Molly, we went to the MFM for a routine NT scan. I remember being so happy to see her on the ultrasound screen before I noticed the tech acting suspiciously. What’s the measurement? I demanded. She demurred. What is it? I repeated.

It was 10 mm. Molly had a 10 mm cystic hygroma…

She also had the beginnings of hydrops fetalis…

These defects pointed to chromosomal abnormality. Geoff and I were beside ourselves. We didn’t know what to do. Molly also had a heart defect visible at the time. We opted to do an amniocentesis at 16 weeks, which would diagnose a chromosomal problem definitively.

I am now a day shy of sixteen weeks. Memories have been flooding my head; I have become hypervigilant. I have the good results from the NIPT but there is still a lot of fear. I did ask for an NT scan as well, but my OB said it wasn’t necessary. It may not be necessary, but it would have been tremendously reassuring.

I hate The Baby Factory. My OB had said I could have an early anatomy scan, but the nurse just scheduled for a regular scan at the office, so I’m left wondering if I’m crazy and just made up the conversation with my doctor in my head. Whatever, I’ll wait until twenty weeks. Ugh.


10 thoughts on “birth defects

  1. What terrible moments to live. The wait for confirmation of results are excruciating, weren’t they? Ours were always so so, 2.7mm but the bloods came elevated. Then did the draw for NIPT and came back inconclusive of all things, then amnio, then high level scans then the decision. It’s all so clear in my head and yet so blurred at the same time. Many hugs. You know this is different. Doesn’t mean things are a hundred percent sure OK but at least it’s a very different path you’re on. Xx

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  2. I think I’m actually getting more educated about fetal defects through your blogging. Your writing has made information easier to understand and digest, somehow. I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight.

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  3. I’m frustrated with your office that they cannot seem to get this right. Can’t the doctor put a note for the nurses that YES an early anatomy scan is necessary? You’re not making it up.

    I’m sorry for all the anxiety and reminders of things that can go wrong. Keeping hope for you.

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      1. Low risk? When you’ve had a prior chromosomal abnormality? Ugh late term tfmr should qualify automatically for high risk, if anything for the amount of stress the following pregnancies carry.

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